Welcome to the "Total Fruit" Web site, the place where You can find information about a wide range of frozen fruit and fruit products collected all over the world and processed with latest technologies that we have the honour to offer our customers.


Although a young company Total Fruit's personnel has a wealth of knowledge and experience in trading and contracting deepfrozen fruit and fruit products for industrial purposes only.

For PRODUCERS Total Fruit offers an effective and profitable means of getting their food products to the market worldwide.

For BUYERS Total Fruit provides a reliable and cost efficient source of supply.


Total Fruit offers her customers more than just knowledge of international supply markets and access to them. Total Fruit adds considerable specialised experience in food trading import and export. Selling throughout the world and importing from all overseas markets, Total Fruit has a unique appreciation of what is required to serve the food industry's interests.


Total Fruit controls the product from the very agricultural beginning to the enduse in the food industry.

Whether seeking new markets or new sources of supply, Total Fruit provides the know-how you would expect from a partner.

From the broad international experience of Total Fruit's management, the company has distilled a sound knowledge of the cultural differences and the unique national buying needs and conditions of buyers all over the world. This information is continuously updated and provides the basis for doing business in the most beneficial way for the enduser.

Total Fruit has developed a unique system of serving her customer in the best possible way.

Total Fruit contracts ex factory in the country of origin with a survey system developed per country. Total Fruit delivers to the customer at the other side of the world free house, custom cleared and duty paid.

In short all responsibility concerning financing, insurance, quality control, appropriate and fast transportation, custom clearance and all documentation is for Total Fruit. The enduser finds his product on 'his doorstep'.

This Web site contains an ongoing growing list of all existing products in our trade, with their basic specifications and their most well known varieties.

Total Fruit hopes to achieve with this information a better understanding between the various continents.

Total Fruit.

Business coming in from the cold!